Introducing Performance


Today we’re announcing a new theme template called Performance. Like its name suggests, it’s designed and built for a high performing online shop that does a high-volume of online sales.

Where our first theme, Flagship, is designed more for complementing an already offline brand, this Performance theme is designed more for online only brands without much of an offline presence.

Its salient features are:

  • Minimal product configurators allow your users to quickly get through all of the design options by reducing the amount of screens they need to design a particular product.
  • Guided checkouts with progress indicators to help walk your users through the multi-step ordering process from shopping cart to payment to confirmation.
  • Built-in policy pages handle all of the necessary legal and shop policy matters you need to communicate to your users when you have no real offline relationship with them.

Some screenshots of Performance…





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PCs: Still The Device of Choice For Ecommerce


Yesterday, Mashable posted a chart that shows Americans still prefer to do their online shopping on a PC rather than on a mobile device.  In fact, a whopping 73% chose to shop on their PCs while only 14% did so on their tablets and just 12% used their smartphones.  This may come as a surprise to some given the recent ubiquity of mobile devices and ecommerce apps.

I think it has much to do with screen sizes. Online shopping is a very visual activity, and the larger the screen size, the better the visuals. Squinting into a small screen like on a phone to discern the texture of a certain shoe’s suede for example, just isn’t very appealing to most consumers.  Continue reading “PCs: Still The Device of Choice For Ecommerce”