A Better Online Experience Begets A Better Offline Experience


Your savvy clients deserve a better online experience with your brand.   They’re becoming increasingly digital and they want to interact with your products virtually.  But never mind that.  The real reason for giving your clients a better online experience is that it begets them a better offline (in-shop) experience – even for the most traditional bespoke craftsmen.

To be clear, a rich, sophisticated, and immersive online experience doesn’t have to mean incorporating all of the necessary features for selling & accepting orders online such as a shopping cart, payments gateway, and coupon codes.  It simply means giving your clients a way to interact with your products online:  to explore your materials, visualize them as finished products, and then flip, rotate, zoom, and compare them to their heart’s content! 

An inspiring online experience makes your clients more excited about your products, as well as more informed about your brand, your shop, what you have in stock, what they like, what they dislike, and even how they look in certain fabrics & styles all before even stepping foot into your shop.  As a result, your clients get a smoother, more seamless, and more cohesive in-shop experience.

Moreover, your clients both love and crave your trusted advice on particular materials and styles. After all, you are the expert.  So, a finer online experience for your clients is also one that enables you to make better recommendations.  By connecting with them virtually beforehand and getting the highly detailed process of recommending fabrics and styles started before you meet lets you get a better feel for their exact needs, which in turn, allows you make better recommendations for them when they do come into your shop.  Just imagine the benefits of being able to scope out a particular client’s exact needs before he even comes in!  Again, the result is a smoother, more seamless, and more cohesive in-shop experience for your client.

Now, obviously before you can provide the ultimate in-shop experience, you have to get people into your shop in the first place.  A lot of craftsmen believe the Internet is merely a tool to get people into their shops.  But, which method do you think is more likely to get people into your shop: one of the memorable experiences described above, or a static webpage with a contact form?


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